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Joint ICT Christmas Party 2011

Christmas is always a time for Party and making good excuses to meet new and old friends!

Here to say hi to all new friends I have met today, and great to meet my dear old friends, quite a lot of you have changed your job and environment, but still, the I.T. world is so small that we could always meet each other… even I met an old schoolmate that we have not met each other for over 10 years!

Congratulations to all who has got a prize from the lucky draw! The Slingbox, Kinect, BlackBerry 9860… Wow! Will I be the lucky one next year? =)


Convocation Talk – Career Navigator

It was our honor for our founder, Mr. Chris Chan to be invited as one of speakers at the Convocation Talk – Career Navigator for the City University. Chris were graduated in the City University years ago and started his own company, IGPSD. We shared our experience on company start-up.

We had a discuss section together with Ms Dilys Chau from Ernest & Young and Dr. Ricky Szeto Wing-Fu who is very well-known in his business, we learned a lot from Ricky on his attitude and his foresight.

Chris has also given guidelines and suggestions to some of the participated City University graduates, wish you all have a prosperous future!

IT Reporter’s Spring Dinner 2010

We had great fun at the IT Reporter’s Spring Dinner 2010 tonight at the City University. Thank you very much again to Francis from the HKITF for inviting us to come. We knew a lot of new friends and partners during the event and shared a lot on technical stuff and trends on internet.

So many gifts sponsored by large brands, there were Samsung notebooks, PCCW free unlimited 3G Data plans, Pocket Wifi, Mobile devices, etc. I am the lucky one who got the limited gifts from the Harbour City! Yay!

We had very good food too! Glad to know all guys from the same table who shared so many funny things tonight!

IGPSD in Barcamp 2009

We are glad to have joined the Barcamp Hong Kong 2009 on 12th September 2009. It is our honour to be invited to the ‘iPhone Forum’ section to share ideas on Location Based Service (LBS) and the experiences in iPhone GPS developments (iGPSD).

We have also introduced the Balsamiq Mockups software in our ‘Extreme Fast mockup using Balsamiq Mockups’ presentation. Demo pictures and videos were presented to demonstrate how to create software mockups by just a few clicks and drags.

Our audiences included developers, designers, project coordinators and consultants, and we have received excellent feedbacks from them. We are also delighted to have received the sponsor licenses to our audiences in the luckydraw.

iPhone Apps Developers Mingle

We are glad to be invited as one of the speaker at the iPhone Apps Developers Mingle held at the Cyberport.

We shared our experience on Location Based Applications, also we talked about some LBS projects such as our partnership with Fon and The New Media Group for Weekend Weekly Restaurants Guide.

Some participants were interested in our LBS Walkamap platform to be integrated to their systems. Please feel free to talk to us if you would like to receive more information!

Google App Engine Seminar

IGPSD team have joined the Google App Engine Seminar today, our colleague, Brian has shared about the Mac GAE launcher. Thank you all who has participated in the discussion and we are glad to have inspired you guys!


IGPSD in Barcamp 2008

It was a great day for IGPSD team as we have joined Barcamp Hong Kong 2008. This was the first public event IGPSD joined since establishment. As guess speakers in a sharing session, we have shared ideas on Location Based Service (LBS), Social Networking and what are the benefits for LBS to go Social Networking.

We have also introduced our New Exciting project – Walkamap in the session! Walkamap is the key project on iPhone to provide LBS with intensive social community function. Few mock up images were presented to demonstrate how Walkamap will work.

In the session, audiences have raised a lot of question on technical difficulties and business model of Walkamap. Thank you for all ideas generated and shared, we have learnt a lot and gained new thoughts on improving current Walkamap model.