Released! LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts for iPhone & Android

It is a great honor for us to working with the British Council on education applications for iPhone and Android. We are also planning to work on the Samsung Bada and Nokia Symbian, etc. platforms in the near future to help more people learning English anytime simply using their phones.

This is the first application released that is written by us for the British council. Here are the app descriptions and few screenshots below:

LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts App is a series of English learning podcasts for you to directly download and enjoy on your iPhone or iPod Touch or your Android™ Smartphone. You also have the option to stream. Each show, with the dynamic duo of Tess and Ravi, is 20 minutes long and comes with questions aimed at Elementary learners of English, which you can try and answer while listening to the podcast. The tapescript also moves in time with the audio to aid listening. This mode is not available when in live streaming mode. You can also access Tess and Ravi’s Twitter and Facebook pages directly from the application enabling you to directly ask them questions about the show or anything to do with studying English. There are 13 podcasts to date, more to follow, practice activities, tapescript for supported learning and connect with Tess and Ravi via Facebook or Twitter.

We are so glad that have received great feedbacks from users all around the world and get on the top charts in few countries. We hope the app can help people knowing that learning english is just as easy as this is. Enjoy!


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