IGPSD Cable Tutorial

Our IGPSD Cables support iPhone3G, iPhone3Gs, iPhone4, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad2.
Working with Holux GPS Devices M-1200, M-1000, M-1000B, GPSlim240 and GPSlim236.

In order to use our IGPSD Cable, you must have your device jailbroken with Cydia and xGPS installed.

Step 1: Jailbreak your phone and get Cydia installed
Step 2: Search “xGPS” in Cydia

Step 3: Press “Install” to install application.
Step 4: Press “Confirm” to start installation.

Step 5: Wait until complete and return to Cydia.
Step 6: You should be able to see the xGPS app icon.

Step 7: Enter the application and you will see an agreement and press “I Agree” at the bottom.
Step 8: Press the “Tools” button at the left bottom corner.

Step 9: Make sure you have enabled GPS and Tracking.
Step 10: Select “iGPSD” on the list.

Step 11: Enter your license number provided by iGPSD/xGPS. Customers who bought our iGPSD Cable or Package could get a license for free, please forward your shipping confirmation email to sales@igpsd.com (which includes your order number in subject) then we will generate the xGPS license number for you. Should you need to purchase the license number alone, please contact our sales team at sales@igpsd.com and we will send you details.
Step 12: Check your license number is valid then dismiss.

Step 13: Press the “GPS Information” at the bottom.
Step 14: You should be able to view the GPS Information.



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